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Sunday, 5 August 2012

And down they come again

Quiet week on the blog front... but been busy putting together some sets ready for planning around  the configuration for a pirate MOC/display for Switch Bricks. I have learnt a valuable lesson this week - never raid your personal stash for a new project (AKA chop shop moc and florist moc) unless you have finished putting together all your other sets  first as you are inevitably robbing from Peters brick supply to pay Paul so to speak... where is that black 1x8 brick , duh... MOCS about to be disassembled - will have to buy new bricks to put them back up again ;(

Back to the pirate moc... I wish I was as clever as MadLEGOman so I could make a kick-butt Kracken to do some attackin in my high seas ! I will try some lame attempt and post pics once it's done. I have started building cliffs and shore lines to accommodate various piratical buildings and still have a few ships etc to put together. The hunt for more bricks/plates in dark tan, tan and transparent is on too - i want to make shore line in the same way as this awesome work from Walt.

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