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Thursday, 16 August 2012

You can't stop progress....

My LEGO life goes in phases/cycles ... one minute I'm putting together sets, the next I'm dreaming of MOCs, the next I'm listing on ebay, or buying off gumtree, the next I'm ordering parts from Bricklink & putting together mod-mods (my new name for the classic modulars that I re-brick from scratch using parts vaariationds as I'm too cheap to build or buy original !) I clean off the dining room table every couple of week vowing to keep my LEGO contained and my building processes downstairs... lasts for about a day before I start coming back up stairs with tubs in hand ... This week I have taken over the dinner table to start my pirate MOC. Unfortunately I have run out of cliff-worthy slopes and base plates so I have kind of hit a brick wall until I can get more - some slopes are on order from USA at the moment so hopefully they may arrive before the weeks out but the baseplate issue is more pressing at present. I've requested a quote from a seller for postage but they are sloooooooooooooooow with responding which kind of makes me wonder what they will be like in posting - thinking i might have to re think that one and in the mean time pick up a few boards at retail price just to keep momentum up. But anyhow the above info was not the topic of todays post given that its largely about a lack of progress... Yesterday hubby and I made a giant leap forward in the set up of my LEGO space, About 8 months ago now we built in under our house with the intention of creating a space for hubbys drum habit and my lego habit (plus a space for visitors from OS). The tiling of said space has finally been finished and during the process of using the space in the last 8 months it has evolved in form and function - to cut a long story short - what once was my office corner in the main room (for my actual day job) is now hubby's drum corner and what was once the drum room/ guest space is now my office/lego room. So yesterday we popped up a few shelves and mapped out a plan of attack for the necessary furniture (allegedly to be completed this weekend) for me to start populating the space with my ever-multiplying supply of all things plastic brick ! Can't wait ... promise once its done I won't take over the dining room table again !!  

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