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Friday, 20 July 2012

Wrinkledog you rock !
I would love love love to have more animals for my LEGO zoo project ... AFOL Wrinkledog has posted these brilliant animal MOC's on Cuusoo - if you haven't supported this project already please drop by Cuusoo and show your support.  Hopefully the LEGO Group will continue to release more and more animals as time goes on ( I just had to get a brown bear that was released this year despite his $12.00 price tag!!) but it would be SUPER awesome if they looked at releasing an animal pack just like Wrinkledog's designs - no city / farm / country/ zoo MOC would be complete without them (plllllllllllleeease TLG!!

As for my Zoo progress so far - here is a sneak peak:
  • the outer fence design has been chosen (thanks to the haunted house due for release in September in USA), pieces have been purchased (big shout out to House of Logo's on Bricklink) and so far about a metre and a half of fencing has been built - this baby is gonna be a big MOC when its done !!  I am still tossing around ideas for the internal fences of each enclosure
  • many animals have been collected and are being housed in temporary accommodation (AKA a bucket) including ostriches, polar bears, camels, a brown bear, monkeys and an elephant which will all have their own themed enclosures and , sharks, octopus, sting ray, fish for the aquarium, dogs, pigs, goats, chickens for the petting zoo/barnyard enclosure, birds for the aviary and reptiles for a reptile enclosure. Still need a few cats and some cows too.
  • The alligator enclosure has been swamped up and I've built a rickety old board walk through it for those daring minifigs who like to walk on the wild side and have their own close encounter of the snapping variety with its three cranky residents. 
  • Every bricklink order gets padded out with plants, trees and BURPS to make realistic scenery for each exhibit - don't think i will ever have quite enough but you've got to start somewhere. 
  • AND Yes that was probably me you saw feeling all the series 5 minifig wrappers in search of some zookepers for my zoo, pushing small children and old ladies aside for the pursuit of hunting glory !
  • Speaking of minifigs... no self respecting zoo would be complete without giant roaming animal costumed minifigs for photo opportunities - thanks again to the series collectibles bunny, lizard and ape suits.
  • As for the layout - i am planning each exhibit to be kind of modularised in a way - so they can be built individually and shifted about as the design morphs and grows. I was going to include the zoo in my city layout but it may end up needing its own table at this rate
I anticipate the Zoo project is gonna a take a long while yet as i have been collecting animals for well over 12 months now and the building phase has only just started in the last week. 'twil be a regular topic for update here i guess so.keep an eye out for updates

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