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Sunday, 15 July 2012

and so it begins...

LEGO ... I've been hunting for it, buying it, selling it, building it, rearranging it, photographing it, drawing it, wearing it, googling it, reading about it, dreaming it and basically breathing it for months now (if not my whole life).  My life long love affair with the little plastic bricks has reached a point of no return... time to try and run with the big boys or fade into obscurity ! I've decided to bite the brick and start a bricktastic business venture in January 2013 - Switch Bricks is coming...still in prep phase but its going to be awesome so look out world (or at least sleepy old little Ipswich!)  

With my business plans underway and my hobby reaching fever pitch...  blogging about it seems to be the only natural progression from here. Will anyone read my blog ... who knows ... but I think hubby is finally and secretly getting sick of the word, the incessant chatter about parts and which bit I "just need to order from Bricklink to finish" which set...not to mention shifting boxes and baggies and bowls which have taken over every spare surface of our home (seriously its stacked to the roof of the spare toilet and in the laundry tub down stairs!!!). 

SO... maybe me blogging into cyberspace may give the poor chappy a break and make him feel a little less a LEGO widower !

So for all those out there, who like me, have a brickdiction that they do not wish to recover from, please feel free to check back in from time to time to see the progress of the journey to Switch Bricks 2013 

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