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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Chop Shop MOC

So it's definitely no "Cafe Corner" but it's my first official attempt at a modular MOC. I completed it 2 weeks ago and have not torn it down in shame as yet, so  as it is symbolic of the beginning of a new journey, it must be immortalized in electronic print to look back on and laugh at!!! I've still got tiles to go on the sidewalk and interiors to finish but they'll come with time - for now my brick building energy has been channeled into the next project.
I must say it's amazing how much you pick up by just having a go and experimenting - once the decision is made about the theme, colours and size of your building and the first few bricks are placed, the rest just kind of flows and is awesome fun!!  This took me about 5 hours to pull together (in between housework, nappy changes and play time for bubs) so I reckon its not a bad first attempt. I think I'll add more detail to the roof top as I come across more bricks... a never ending quest I am yet to master. I am unbelievably jealous of my fellow USA LEGO fans who can pick up 40 + pound lots of bricks and pieces in bulk for around 10 dollars/ pound. Oh to have that kind of potential at your finger tips ! If anyone ever reads this and wants to offload their unwanted collection at a reasonable rate you will always have a listening ear here !

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